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Chef David Bartnes....

Chef David Bartnes has teamed up with The Test Kitchen at Wildwood Ovens and BBQ's to bring you an experience to be envied!
Wildwood Ovens are the leaders in building state of the art wood fired grills and outdoor ovens. Utilizing these tools and a wealth of culinary knowledge and technique, Chef David is perfectly placed to push his culinary boundaries.
Private parties or cocktail receptions; pop up style gourmet events, all professionally cooked over wood using Wildwoods custom wood fired ovens, Brazilian BBQs and Yakitori Grills. A venue and food that you will surely talk about for years to come.

Chef David also offers cooking lessons ranging from basic cooking techniques, plating techniques, grilling techniques, sushi, butchery, meal plans to childrens lessons!

Date night specials are also available in helping clients create their perfect evening, either through a full scale chef attended dinner, picnic basket package, to lessons for a dinner you can prepare yourself (Chef will show you the ropes, give suggestions for plating techniques and leave you with a full set of instructions!)

While you relax or take care of more pressing business, let Chef David come and help you get the job done from planning, to cooking and the clean up too! How much easier can it be than that?!?

The Test Kitchen

Wildwood Ovens and BBQ's